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The Founder



Lucy Lomuro, is an Los Angeles based hairstylist and ex model who knows her way around a catwalk and a blow dryer. As a professional model for well over 12 years Lucy has seen hair transform in a myriad of ways. She believes that hair is a delicate accessory that needs to be nurtured and cared for properly.
Lucy’s passion for her hair started early in her modeling career. During her career she witnessed unhealthy hair practices used to manipulate models hair into a certain style. As a means for protecting her hair, Lucy began to research and study hair health and styling to protect her mane. Fellow models and friends saw her results and soon became lifelong clients. The catwalk stylist was born.
Lucy has a dedicated clientele that spans the globe and boast of celebrities, to name a few Monique Coleman, Shanique Drummond, SZA, Normani, Estelle, and of course the every day woman and boss lady and much more. In keeping up with the high demand for healthy stylish hair, Lucy has launched Braid Queen LA Beauty Supply that provides exclusive hair and the best hair styling products for the red carpet woman to the everyday woman, and everything in-between.
As Lucy would say.....” now go out there and be great”